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STAR 8800 Central Monitoring System

COMEN STAR 8800 Central Monitoring System
Perfect integration of network system and monitoring technology
Performance Specification
  • 19 Inch colour high resolution display
  • One or two sets of display (optional)
  • Capable of monitoring 16 patients, expandable to 32 patients with one central monitoring station
  • 720 hour full disclosure waveform review, 1000 alarm records review, 50,000 patient historical data and all information can be store in disk
  • maximum 24,000 hours trend graph review
  • Intelligent 3 level audio/visual alarm
  • TCP/IP central monitoring system, be able to observe full vital signs information of the patient
  • Unique bi-directional communication function to realize the mutual control of central monitor and bedside monitors
  • Large storage capacity of full monitoring information for easy review, analysis and statistics
  • LAN, Wireless LAN and mixture networking are available for meeting different clinical requirements
  • The system is compatible with COMEN’S multi parameter patient monitor, maternal/fetal monitor and fetal monitor