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Health Operating Table TDG 1

TDG-1 Electric multi-function operating table is the electronic control integrated surgical equipment desaign and manufactured on the basic of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, this operating table adopts a unique integrated control system and pneumatic technology ith convenient, flexible and reliable operation.

TDG-1 operation table has a concept structure and a reasonable perfomance, safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, with a beautifull new appereance, convenient and washing disinfection.

TDG-1 operating table can meet the requirements of all kind of hospital thorax, abdoment, obsestrics, gynecology, five senses, urology, anocectic, orthopedic examinations and surgery.

  • Support plate for arms : a set
  • Anesthetic screen : a set
  • Support pad for the body : a set
  • Supportpad for the legs : a set
  • Bind for the body : a set

  • Traction frame for orthopaedics : a set
  • Cranical positioning system for cranical nerves : a set
  • Upper support plate for arms : a set
  • Kneeling position leg support plate : a set
  • Fixture for X-ray box : a set